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Rare Stash 95 Rye

Rare Stash 95 Rye

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This bold and flavorful 95% Rye Whiskey is a small batch 100% Kentucky Rye with a 95/5 mash bill. Rare Stash 95 Rye was barreled at 122 proof and aged in Char#3 oak barrels for over 4 years.

We have bottled it at 101 Proof, which amplifies the great balance and character of the natural ingredients and inherent flavors you will enjoy in every sip.

In addition, we set aside 5 single barrels of this 95 Rye for barrel pick enthusiasts seeking an incredible barrel proof bottling opportunity specific to their liking!

Tasting Notes

This beautifully aged 4 year old 95% Rye whiskey has a golden sunshine appearance and color with a bold, yet pleasant rye spice and floral nose.

The taste is a unique and well-balanced combination of flavors,including honey, spice, anise and ginger, with hints of orange peel and mint. The finish leaves a lingering essence of caramel, cinnamon, vanilla and eucalyptus.

Rare Stash 95 Rye is the perfect sipping rye and retains its bold character in favorite cocktails like the Manhattan and Old Fashioned. Enjoy Rare Stash 95 Rye!

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