• Bourbon #3

    Rare Stash Bourbon #3 is 100% Kentucky Straight Bourbon,  artfully crafted from our 9 year old and 5 year old 25 barrel lot. Both have been aged in Char #3 white oak barrels with a barrel proof of 125. Both bourbons have a 78/13/9 mash bill. We have bottled Rare Stash Bourbon #3 at 96 Proof, which showcases the rich, deep and well-balanced character of these bold straight bourbon whiskies from the heart of Kentucky. Enjoy this amazing bourbon!

    Tasting Notes
    This incredibly bold and rich 96 proof blend of Straight Kentucky Bourbons, has an inviting nose with notes of vanilla, rich oak character, honey and maple. The taste exudes notes of bold caramel and oak along with harmonious accents of butterscotch, citrus, maple and cinnamon. The finish leaves lingering flavors of honey and coriander that pleasantly penetrate the senses with lingering hints of brown sugar and spice.

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  • 95 Rye

    This bold and flavorful 95% Rye Whiskey is a small batch 100% Kentucky Rye with a 95/5 mash bill. 95% Kentucky Rye and 5% Malted Barley. Rare Stash 95 Rye was barreled at 122 proof and aged in Char #3 white oak barrels for over 4 years. We have bottled it at 101 Proof, which amplifies the great balance and character of the natural ingredients creating the incredible inherent flavors you will taste in every sip.

    Tasting Notes
    This beautifully aged 4 year old 95% Rye whiskey has a golden sunshine appearance and color with a bold, yet pleasant rye spice and floral nose. The taste is a unique and well-balanced combination of flavors, including honey, spice, anise and ginger, with hints of orange peel and mint. The finish leaves a lingering essence of caramel, cinnamon, vanilla and eucalyptus. Rare Stash 95 Rye is the perfect sipping rye and retains its bold character in favorite cocktails like the Manhattan and Old Fashioned. Enjoy Rare Stash 95 Rye!

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Rare Stash Bourbon #3

Artfully crafted from unique & carefully aged straight bourbons.

Rare Stash bourbon whiskies are specially selected for the unique and rare qualities derived from the raw and natural ingredients used to make our offerings. From the state of the art craft batch distillation process that produces the purest distillate to the highest quality of perfectly charred oak barrels used for aging. Rare Stash allows the unique combination of natural locally grown ingredients, barrel character and quality, along with extended aging time, to determine the qualities you taste and experience in each bottle.

  • Appearance

    The appearance is a deep, rich golden-brown hue acquired from lengthy resting and aging time in the barrel.

  • Nose

    The aroma is a combination of depth and smoothness, offering the soothing experience of oak, caramel, vanilla, hazelnut and butterscotch.

  • Palate

    The initial taste experience is intense, yet balanced and smooth, followed by a complex palate of flavors that engulf and round out the mouth.

  • Finish

    The finish is tantalizing and long lasting, resulting in the perfect balance of unique flavor characteristics and soothing heat that will keep you coming back for more.

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