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Rare Stash Bourbon #3

Rare Stash Bourbon #3

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Rare Stash Bourbon #3 is 100% Kentucky Straight Bourbon, artfully crafted from a 9 year old and 5 year old 25 barrel lot.

Both have been aged in Char #3 oak barrels with a barrel proof of 125. Both bourbons have a 78/13/9 mash bill.

We have bottled Rare Stash Bourbon #3 at 96 Proof, which showcases the rich, deep and well-balanced character of these bold straight bourbon whiskies from the heart of Kentucky.

In addition, we set aside 5 single barrels of the 9 year old for barrel pick enthusiasts seeking an incredible barrel proof bottling opportunity specific to their liking!

Tasting Notes

This incredibly bold and rich 96 proof blend of Straight Kentucky Bourbons, has an inviting nose with notes of vanilla, rich oak character, honey and maple.

The taste exudes notes of bold caramel and oak along with harmonious accents of butterscotch, citrus, maple and cinnamon.

The finish leaves lingering flavors of honey and coriander that pleasantly penetrate the senses with lingering hints of brown sugar and spice.


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